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Lunch at Impasto, Montreal, Canada

Branzino meal at Impasto

During our time in Montreal, we took a trip over to Little Italy. We wanted to enjoy a fancy lunch so we researched which restaurants would be available since a lot of Italian restaurants only open for dinner and need reservations. We knew Impasto would be serving lunch until 2pm so we’d have time to go to the Jean Talon Market first and then enjoy our lunch.

British Wine and Cheese

British cheeses and their origins on package

Had to try some British cheeses before we left Manchester, England! Can you believe it, we even found an English wine. Look at the bowler hat, it’s so British!

The Gruyère Experience in Switzerland, Part 1

Maria and Neil dressed as cheesemakers

We came to Switzerland to visit Benno and Nora, friends we had met long long ago in Costa Rica. Back in 2015, she worked at a winery, and his family owned a dairy farm in the AOP region for Gruyère cheese. Then fast forward 7 years to today, and now they live on that dairy farm. Benno runs the show, caring for the cows, plowing the cornfields and potatoes. They’re full blown farmers.